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Detecting request from mobile device
Take control over what is and what is not mobile device for your web app
Microsoft made is easy to detect whether request to your web application is coming from mobile device or not by adding a property to Request class. Usage of this is Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice. This works pretty fine for most of mobile devices, but this property is based on list of mobile browsers which is configured in .NET framework itself. ... read more
Bitmap manipulation extension methods for C#
Helper methods for bitmap manipulation in .NET
This is a class I used few years back for some image manipulation in C#. Over the years, I was adding more methods and code snippets I needed and some stuff I found on Internet, so it grow to a useful collection of Bitmap manipulation methods... read more
Simple configuration class
Adding configuration without having to restart app pool
Very often you need to store some settings in your configuration. Web.config files are designed for that but there are two things I found very annoying: ... read more
Properties your page document type must have
Always useful functionality for an Umbraco page document
There are two properties which are not related directly to page content which are always useful to have on your document type which represent page on your website. 1. Hide in navigation ... read more
Upload multiple custom media types
Enable multiple custom media upload
You probably often had to add some additional ptoperties to a media type. It is all fine untill you have to keep native media type and create inherited one with additional properties. Everything is fine untill you try to do drag and drop upload of mutiple files... read more
Image Cropper Auto Create
Auto generate cropped images after image upload
It probably happend you often that you need to add image cropper to a page or custom media type. Right after you upload image cropper property does not generate cropped image file. You would have to save the page/media once againg, so that image cropper is initialized and cropped files are generated. ... read more
Microsoft Live Writer & Umbraco
Using Live Writer to produce website content in Umbraco
I was always vondering what is Content Channel tab in uses properties section used for. What ever I set in that tab for my admin user, nothing happends... read more
I lost my Umbraco admin password, now what?
A tool to re-set your umbraco user password
So you got a new requirement for the website you worked on ages ago. You try to login to Umbraco but your password is not correct... read more
JQuery CDN with fallback strategy
Smart usage of CDN for JQuery and JQuery plugins
Content Delivery Network or CDN is really usefull for loading JQuery and especially JQuery UI since it is pretty big script file. They are very ofter reliable, fast and since they can be used on other sites, they might be alrady cached in clients browser if he visited some website which uses the same CDN for JQuery or JQuery UI. There are a lot of CDN providers outhere, but two most common are for sure: ... read more