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Testing mobile website client side functionality on desktop
Development and testing of mobile websites on desktop
Recently I have posted an article about new HTML5 features for mobile devices where some of the new JavaScript APIs are described. If you decide to apply any of these new cool features on your mobile website you would first want to test them before you publish them on the real website. You can always expose the website to you mobile device and navigate, but it really takes additional time and after 10th time you would really get annoyed by doing this. ... read more
HTML5 JavaScript API for mobile devices
Empower website with new HTML5 JavaScript API
HTML5 is awesome for desktop websites and believe it or not, even more awesome for mobile devices. In the following article, I'll show you few HTML5 APIs which can be invoked from JavaScript which directly interact with your mobile device, so let's start. Geolocation API ... read more
Use GitHub for hosting JS and CSS files
How to use your CSS and JS files direcly from GitHub
Recently I've started JQuery plugin project on GitHub and decided to provide examples via JSFiddler. I could easily take latest files and host it on the same host as this blog but that would make a headache for me as I would have to update files on my host as soon as I update file in GitHub. So I googled a little bit and found a solution... read more
Synchronous vs asynchronous MVC controllers
Advantage of using asynchronous over synchronous controller in MVC
Maybe you did not know but applications have limited number of threads available to process requests. This value is set in your machine.config in configuration/system.web/processModel node. This file is located at ... read more