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Simple plugin host application approach in C#
Building simple plugin host application in C#
A lot of, especially desktop applications implement plugin approach in order to make application more expendable and allow other vendors to include their specific functionality related to applications with plugins. Usually plugins are available from some sort of repository from which user can select and download them directly to application. I will not go deeper in approach for this in this article... read more
The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine
Switching off header validation in .NET
Recently I was adding GitHub project section to my blog when I run into the following exception "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine" After some time of Google-ing I found few solutions, but the most simplest one was actually the best one... read more
Persistent authentication cookie and autologin
Custom made autologin with persistent authentication cookie
ASP.NET comes with built in login form both for WebForms or MVC, but sometimes you have to do it in a custom manner where permanent authentication cookie needs to be set from your code following your business logic. First thing you have to do is to set expiration time for authentication cookie in web.config. This is for done first to make sure that your cookie does not expire during your testing. ... read more
Maintaining same session with separate web requests from C# code
Create separate web requests with the same server session
Recently I started a small project for image optimization which relies on public image optimization services available online. For now it supports Yahoo SmushIt and services, but it will be extended over the time. Project is open-source and hosted at GitHub ... read more
Getting social network access token from C# backend
Acquire Facebook or Google+ access token from C# code
Most popular social networks such is Facebook and Google+ are providing authentication for web applications with fancy javascript pop-ups. However this approach might not work in all browsers and most likely not on every device. For example this approach does not work on iPhone or iPad because browser itself does not allow pop-ups... read more