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Testing Facebook apps with special permissions
How to make test-able Facebook apps which require special persmissions
Social networks are in an expansion and more and more they are becoming part of the applications, especially online applications. Even .NET framework included authentication with social networks built in as an out of the box feature of .NET platform. However as social networks evolve they are changing mostly in the area of security and user data privacy. ... read more
Generating HTML structure string in C#
Clean and proper way to generate html string in C#
String hardcoding it the worst way to generate your HTML. It makes code non-maintainable and hard to read. Lately in June I wrote an article how to generate HTML string without hard coding the string and using concatenation or string format... read more
Adding extra info to an image file
Adding additional info to an image using C#
I was always wondering where are additional properties for the image stored. Simply, when you click right click on the image in Windows and go to properties, in tab Details there are some more info than just file size and image dimensions. ... read more
Working with canvas on images loaded from different domain
SecurityError: The operation is insecure. canvas issue
Recently I'we been working with HTML canvas by using cropper jQuery plugin It was working fine until I had to load images from Facebook. As soon as I loaded image from facebook, script was crashing with a security error: ... read more
Using Lazy<T> in C#
Scenarios when lazy initialization is suitable for using
Although Lazy keyword and functionality was introduced in .net framework 4.0, not many people are using. It is not something that was not possible to be done later, but now it is available only oin one line. Basicaly what Lazy keyword enables is to create an instance only when it is invoked for the first time. ... read more