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Recognize links in text content with jQuery
Find and replace URLs with anchor tags inside the text
Very often when you are dealing with content from 3rd party like tweets from Twitter of Facebook posts and comments you might end up with some URL inside the content. On both Twitter or Facebook or any other social network, links inside text comments are replaces with anchor tags to those URLs. In order to keep the same user experience and make it more useful o your side where you are serving the content from the other party it is recommended that you do the same. ... read more
Enabling CORS only for specific domains in ASP.NET
Enable cross origin resquests only for certain domains in ASP.NET
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) means that page from other domain can make request to some resource which is on other domain. For example, if you try to invoke some WEB API method which is running on different domain you will get exception in the script. By default CORS are disabled in ASP.NET bot you can easily enable them just by modifying web.config for IIS7 and newer versions pf IIS. ... read more
Styles and images in app_offline.htm file
Display elegant maintenance page while you are upgrading your website
From time to time we all need to do some maintenance to our websites. ASP.NET has nice integrated feature to put your website online while you are updating files and libraries... read more
Zip whole folder on the fly in ASP.NET MVC application
Generate folder archive and send zip file in a response in ASP.NET MVC
Generating Zip archives has always been a great thing if you need to generate different content for the request depending on some parameters. In case you need to return multiple files this is one approach to go with... read more
Detect when file download request is finished with jQuery
Figuring out when file download request completes with jQuery
Recently I started a small free service app for extracting icons from application files .exe and .dll. It is called IconExtract and it is hosted at It basically takes application file you submit, extracts icons and returns them zipped, so beside long running upload there is some processing on the back-end when file is uploaded as well. ... read more
Image thumbnail Html helper with image caching for the perforance
Creating image thumbnail with caching in MVC
Creating image thumbnail on the fly is pretty easy in ASP.NET whether you are still using WebForms or MVC. There is even a methods introduced in .NET 4.5 framework for generating thumbnail image from a Bitmap class instance. You can easily create and action in a controller and generate and return thumbnail image on the fly... read more
Reducing the number of Stored Procedures for the Application
Approach to reduce number of stored procedure for the application
Nowadays, in the years of ORM, barely anyone thinks about stored procedures, but they are still there and accessing and reading data with ADO and SqlDataReader ist still the fastest way. Stored procedures are validated, parsed and compiled in SQL server, so these steps are not required to be performed versus plaint text query (which is what entity framework generates for accessing data). ... read more
The ways of loading JavaScript files onto your page
Varios ways to load the script on the page and boos performances
Recently I was working on speeding up my website. As a reference I user Google PageSpeed Insights. There were few things, but among them was one that was that really poked my eyes... read more
Enabling compression on shared host
Compress your response on shared IIS hosts
HTTP compression is a simple way to improve site performance and decrease bandwidth, with no configuration required on the client side. If you test your website through Google PageSpeed Insights, HTTP compression will be one of the points recommended to be used to increase website performance. Luckily for .NET developers IIS supports it out of the box... read more
Accessing UmbracoHelper in HttpHandler request
Working with UmbracoHelper and IPublishedContent in HttpHandler
If you were planning to create sitemap.xml in Umbraco, you most probably were doing it with HttpHandler. This was fine until Umbraco version 6.2.2. If your website was running in lower version, most probably after update your HttpHandler were crashing since UmbracoContext.Current returns null. ... read more
Easier manipulation with IEnumerable objects
Useful extension methods for working with lists, arrays, dictionaries...
Working with any collection which implements IEnumerable is pretty easy in C#, plus if you are using LINQ you can easily manipulate with collection data. Recently I was doing some filtering with some in-memory collections and I had to check whether one collection contains same elements as some other collection with elements of the same type... read more
Super lightweight Data Access Layer returning models from ADO
Return strongly typed objects directly from stored procedure calls
Entity framework is an awesome tool for working with database in .net, but sometime you have to get back to old fashion ADO for the performances. The bad thing is that as soon as you get back to ADO, you have to deal with SqlDataReader, DataTable and DataSet classes... read more