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Managing keys for shared collections in .NET
Ensuring unique keys for shared collections in .NET
Dealing with shared collection in application is always a bit tricky. You have to take care of concurrent access if you are accessing from multiple threads. One more thing which does not look so important as it is not difficult to implement is managing keys for addressing values... read more
Auto realod application config in .NET
Reflect config file changes in application in a runtime
In .NET working with configuration is really easy and there are bunch of .NET classes that rely on config values so you do not have to specify values in their constructors. For me it a common practice to instantiate database connections of WCF client by only creating an instance with parameterless constructor while keeping values in config file... read more
Disabling browser UI effects from CSS
Removing browser added effects on the form elements in HTML
New version of browsers are bringing a lots of useful features, but among them there are some features that can actually ruin your UI concept. The following are just some of the most common ones and instructions how to disable them. Disable textarea rezise ... read more
Easy and simple way to bind ADO object to POCO object
Simple one way binding of ADO database objects to POCO
This article is base don the article I wrote in September last year. Basically I wrote this piece of code because I needed something really lite for one way binding... read more