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Delayed execution in JavaScript
Thread sleep equivalent in JavaScript
Not very often, but from time to time you need to slow down your code. Most of the time the reason for that is that you need to test some long execution, mostly external source call... read more
Getting first and last second of the current year, month and day
Using minimum and maximum date time in SQL query
Probably the most common error developers make in queries is dealing with date ranges and most of the time it is because of missing the minimum and maximum time of the specific date. Month ... read more
Changing service reference configuration in the runtine
Updating service reference without restarting your applcation
Using web services in C# and in general in .NET based applications is really easy. All you need is a service URL and Visual Studio will generate both proxy classes for service communication and configuration for web service endpoints and bindings... read more
Hide IIS server info in a resposne
Hide server info in ASP.NET with simple web.config setting
Last year I wrote an article about ASP.NET web application security check list. Apparently there are always more things to add to improve your web application security... read more