Easy collection comparing in C#

Copmare collections in C# the easy way
Collections are part of pretty much any application and they are convenient to store any type of data. Introducing LINQ in .NET things got a lot easier as your code does not need to be full with loops for performing simple operations on collections of any type ... read more

Multiple console output in C#

Write console output to file and screen at the same time
Console applications are the simplest one and very convenient when you need to quickly test some functionality. Some time the functionality that you test with console application may take time and since it is test usually it happens that it crashes ... read more

JSON data validation in C#

Validate JSON data with C# in .NET framework 4
JSON is slowly but certainly taking over the throne of XML. It is much lighter, a lot easier to deserialize, but still there are some features that XML is better in. One of these is validation ... read more


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