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Google Service Account authentication in .NET
Authenticate app with service account for working with Google services
In case you are a .NET developer and you are using Google Cloud platform, eventually your apps or services will have to interact with Google Cloud (GCE) services. Good thing is that complete GCE is exposed through REST API... read more
Recognize links in text content with jQuery
Find and replace URLs with anchor tags inside the text
Very often when you are dealing with content from 3rd party like tweets from Twitter of Facebook posts and comments you might end up with some URL inside the content. On both Twitter or Facebook or any other social network, links inside text comments are replaces with anchor tags to those URLs. In order to keep the same user experience and make it more useful o your side where you are serving the content from the other party it is recommended that you do the same. ... read more
Testing Facebook apps with special permissions
How to make test-able Facebook apps which require special persmissions
Social networks are in an expansion and more and more they are becoming part of the applications, especially online applications. Even .NET framework included authentication with social networks built in as an out of the box feature of .NET platform. However as social networks evolve they are changing mostly in the area of security and user data privacy. ... read more
Getting social network access token from C# backend
Acquire Facebook or Google+ access token from C# code
Most popular social networks such is Facebook and Google+ are providing authentication for web applications with fancy javascript pop-ups. However this approach might not work in all browsers and most likely not on every device. For example this approach does not work on iPhone or iPad because browser itself does not allow pop-ups... read more
Using GoogleMaps Directions API to get accurate distance
Example of using GoogleMaps Directions API for calculating the distance
In situations where distance between two geo coordinates needs to be found most of the people are using mathematical function to do this. However there is a major disadvantage in using this method... read more
Testing mobile website client side functionality on desktop
Development and testing of mobile websites on desktop
Recently I have posted an article about new HTML5 features for mobile devices where some of the new JavaScript APIs are described. If you decide to apply any of these new cool features on your mobile website you would first want to test them before you publish them on the real website. You can always expose the website to you mobile device and navigate, but it really takes additional time and after 10th time you would really get annoyed by doing this. ... read more
HTML5 JavaScript API for mobile devices
Empower website with new HTML5 JavaScript API
HTML5 is awesome for desktop websites and believe it or not, even more awesome for mobile devices. In the following article, I'll show you few HTML5 APIs which can be invoked from JavaScript which directly interact with your mobile device, so let's start. Geolocation API ... read more
Optimized usage of GoogleMaps API
Referencing GoogleMap API safely on your page
GoogleMaps are very useful to show location on your page. It is not a big problem if you have only one map, but in some cases you might have to add few maps on the page. As many maps you want to display you only need to reference API once... read more
Serving embedded resources through WebAPI in Umbraco
Make package deployment easy with single file deployment
Recently I've deploying GoogleMap Editor package to Umbraco community. During development I realized that package will have to include script, some html templates, images... I had no problem with that but when it came to actual package build I realized that I will have to deal with bunch of files and even during development, so se some changes which were not dll related I had to restart app by touching web.config. ... read more
Exposing richtext property from content in Umbraco Web Api
Problem when exposing richtext property from Umbraco through Web Api
Almost every content page in your website will have one richtext property for adding rich content for the page. This allows you to add Macros so you can render dynamic content inside page content at custom places in the page itself. ... read more