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Serialize html form to JSON without using JQuery
Transform user input from HTML form fields to JSON
jQuery makes things a lot easir when working with DOM. So many thing there out of the b and you do not need to worry about browsr compatibility... read more
Async file upload with MVC4
Uploading file asynchronously using JQuery and MVC4
Uploading files with form submit on web page, especially large file requires user to wait for browser until file is uploaded. This does not produce very nice user experience as user needs to wait without any notification for file to be uploaded... read more
Request different data type from Web API with JQuery
XML/JSON in return result of Web API REST service method with JQuery
In my previous article Different data type in Web API response of the same method I described how to get different response with HttpWebRequest in C#. Here I will demonstrate how to achieve the same thing but in JQuery client side code... read more
JSON error when loading HTML content with AJAX using $.get
Forcing datatype when loading content with AJAX
I'm currently working on a package for Umbraco which involves loading of some HTML forms dynamically with AJAX. Biggest part of the package relies on JavaScript, so everything in script has to be perfect in order to make package work properly. Therefore I started development of JavaScript library independetly of the rest of the package logic... read more
Reading Umbraco dictionary item in Ajax request
The workaround for getting proper dictionary value in Ajax request
You probably had to make some Ajax call in your Umbraco website. This is really easy in versions star6ting from version six and above... read more
Dynamic JQuery plugin files load
Improve page load when using multiple JQuery plugins
You all probably had to deal with certain js files for JQuery plug-in. Usually developers add reference to a js file in Master page (if using WebForms) on layout view (is using MVC). This practice is not so bad, because you have references maintained in one file, but bad thing is that all js file are being load even if none of then are used on the particular pages. ... read more
Handling ajax request in WebForms
Elegant way to do AJAX in WebForms
In case you want to add JQuery Ajax calls to your page, you would basically need to add one more page which will be invoked with Ajax call. In order to reduce number of physical pages you can reuse the same page, but make it act differently for normal GET/POST HTTP request and totally different for Ajax GET/POST HTTP request... read more
Detect ajax request in C#
Easier way to detect whether request is an ajax request
Sometime you need to determine whether your request is standard GET/POST request or Ajax POST/GET http request. This info is stored in request value isAjax or X-Requested-With. By checking these values of request you can easily determine whether http request is ajax or not. ... read more