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Fast image search in .NET using C#
Searching images on the file system with C#
Searching files on the file system is pretty easy using System.IO namespace classes. The problem is if you need to youery file system with some things which are related to a file, but not related to file system itself... read more
Image thumbnail Html helper with image caching for the perforance
Creating image thumbnail with caching in MVC
Creating image thumbnail on the fly is pretty easy in ASP.NET whether you are still using WebForms or MVC. There is even a methods introduced in .NET 4.5 framework for generating thumbnail image from a Bitmap class instance. You can easily create and action in a controller and generate and return thumbnail image on the fly... read more
Adding extra info to an image file
Adding additional info to an image using C#
I was always wondering where are additional properties for the image stored. Simply, when you click right click on the image in Windows and go to properties, in tab Details there are some more info than just file size and image dimensions. ... read more
Returning an image in Web API method with fallback result image
How to return an image in Web API method
Imagine the following scenario. You are building a social network like website and you need to create your own API to enable other developers to integrate with your web location really easy. One of the things that most popular social networks now provide in the API is providing profile image... read more
Getting System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat from a string
Get ImageFormat based on file extension using Reflection
Images are part of pretty much any application especially web. Not so rarely they need to be protected or exposed from a different sources which cannot be accessed directly with just typing URL to it's actual location. It all comes down to writing image bytes to an output stream... read more
Bitmap manipulation extension methods for C#
Helper methods for bitmap manipulation in .NET
This is a class I used few years back for some image manipulation in C#. Over the years, I was adding more methods and code snippets I needed and some stuff I found on Internet, so it grow to a useful collection of Bitmap manipulation methods... read more