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Facebook Album Browser JQuery Plugin
Simple Facebook public albums browser plugin for JQuery
Reponsive jQuery plugin for browsing public albums of a Facebook account. Plugin is suitable for both desktop and mobile websites.... read more
The X-Frame-Options response header
Restricting your page being used in IFrames (click jacking)
I found this header option repeating in many guidelines for securing the web application. By adding these headers to response, it restricts browser to load your page into an iFrame tag. ... read more
Faking browser client in HttpWebRequest
Introduce your request to server as a browser request
Using HttpWebRequest to fetch some data in your code from web is the easiest way to do it. However some web locations have restrictions to all only requests which come from browsers. Performing a normal HttpWebRequest will return 403 status code (HTTP 403 - Wikipedia) which means forbidden access... read more
Testing mobile website client side functionality on desktop
Development and testing of mobile websites on desktop
Recently I have posted an article about new HTML5 features for mobile devices where some of the new JavaScript APIs are described. If you decide to apply any of these new cool features on your mobile website you would first want to test them before you publish them on the real website. You can always expose the website to you mobile device and navigate, but it really takes additional time and after 10th time you would really get annoyed by doing this. ... read more