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Optimized media serving in Umbraco by creating media CDN
Reduce bandwidth with serving from one domain
Let's say you have multiple websites with different domains in one Umbraco instance. All websites will use the same media, but the catch is how will it serve them. For example the same image will be served to a browser with two different paths like the following: ... read more
JQuery CDN with fallback strategy
Smart usage of CDN for JQuery and JQuery plugins
Content Delivery Network or CDN is really usefull for loading JQuery and especially JQuery UI since it is pretty big script file. They are very ofter reliable, fast and since they can be used on other sites, they might be alrady cached in clients browser if he visited some website which uses the same CDN for JQuery or JQuery UI. There are a lot of CDN providers outhere, but two most common are for sure: ... read more