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Hide property in Umbraco
How to hide property in Umbraco backend
There is no option for hiding a property in Umbraco. Simply, when you define a property for document type, it is assumed that you are going to use it. However, sometime you need to hide it for some specific condition, like level of document in a tree, or document type which might inherits some property which you do not want to use in inherited document type... read more
Properties your page document type must have
Always useful functionality for an Umbraco page document
There are two properties which are not related directly to page content which are always useful to have on your document type which represent page on your website. 1. Hide in navigation ... read more
Upload multiple custom media types
Enable multiple custom media upload
You probably often had to add some additional ptoperties to a media type. It is all fine untill you have to keep native media type and create inherited one with additional properties. Everything is fine untill you try to do drag and drop upload of mutiple files... read more
Image Cropper Auto Create
Auto generate cropped images after image upload
It probably happend you often that you need to add image cropper to a page or custom media type. Right after you upload image cropper property does not generate cropped image file. You would have to save the page/media once againg, so that image cropper is initialized and cropped files are generated. ... read more
Umbraco backend customization - handling events
Hook on umbraco events and control them from your code
In Umbraco 6 new interface IApplicationHandler is introduced. By inheriting this interface in your class you can hook your custom methods to handle events which occur in Umbraco. The following two I use really often for controlling Umbraco behavior: ... read more
Umbraco backend customization - custom buttons
Add you custom buttons to umbraco toolbar and extend CMS
This article is about extending Umbraco back-end with custom button to which you can attach your custom click handlers and force Umbraco back-end to work according to your needs. ... read more
Extending Umbraco API with extension methods
Nullreference exception safe property accessing
Often during writing partial view for page you need to read value from property which is content or media picker. In order to get integer value you need to cast value acquired with GetPropertyValue method which is object type. ... read more