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Best practice tips for large scale Umbraco websites
Experience based tips for building large and complex websites in Umbraco
Umbraco is a great CMS, it simple, easily extendible and most important it is free. However, it is not build for large scale websites, since presentation and back-end are on the same machine and all published content is stored in AppData/umbraco.config file. This is good because it can be easily cached and database read is reduced... read more
Hide property in Umbraco
How to hide property in Umbraco backend
There is no option for hiding a property in Umbraco. Simply, when you define a property for document type, it is assumed that you are going to use it. However, sometime you need to hide it for some specific condition, like level of document in a tree, or document type which might inherits some property which you do not want to use in inherited document type... read more
Properties your page document type must have
Always useful functionality for an Umbraco page document
There are two properties which are not related directly to page content which are always useful to have on your document type which represent page on your website. 1. Hide in navigation ... read more
Microsoft Live Writer & Umbraco
Using Live Writer to produce website content in Umbraco
I was always vondering what is Content Channel tab in uses properties section used for. What ever I set in that tab for my admin user, nothing happends... read more