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Setting permissions for ASP.NET application on IIS with PowerShell
Setting the write permission for IIS AppPool using PowerShell
Very often you need to setup ASP.NET Web application on IIS server, you need to setup file and folder permission for your application on order to access content of specific folder. This can be easily done through Windows Explorer Properties window in the Security tab... read more
Simplified FileAttributes usage with extension methods
Useful extension methods for common used file and folder attributes
In case you are working on a small project where you just store some files and access them, you do not really need a database to achieve accessibility and additional info to files or folders. Filesystem itself is providing some stuff which can be useful for this... read more
Auto realod application config in .NET
Reflect config file changes in application in a runtime
In .NET working with configuration is really easy and there are bunch of .NET classes that rely on config values so you do not have to specify values in their constructors. For me it a common practice to instantiate database connections of WCF client by only creating an instance with parameterless constructor while keeping values in config file. In case you have to use these kind of classes in a long running process, like windows service on which other processes are depending on... read more
Fast image search in .NET using C#
Searching images on the file system with C#
Searching files on the file system is pretty easy using System.IO namespace classes. The problem is if you need to youery file system with some things which are related to a file, but not related to file system itself... read more