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PowerConsole extension to System.Console
.NET console extended
Most of developers, at least all the ones I know mostly use Console to test their code as it is the quickest way to do it. Despite unit tests, console is a fastest way to test your code where you can easily output the results. However if you have a lot of text in output you can get lost in results... read more
Zip whole folder on the fly in ASP.NET MVC application
Generate folder archive and send zip file in a response in ASP.NET MVC
Generating Zip archives has always been a great thing if you need to generate different content for the request depending on some parameters. In case you need to return multiple files this is one approach to go with... read more
Convert string to any type that implements TryParse method
String extension method for converting to other value types
In many cases serialized data is returned in a form of string although the actual type of data is different. The problem begings when you want to use data in it's original type becaus direct cast is not allowed in C# as it is in VB.net. This is why you have to use TryParse and safely parse the value to it's original type... read more
Adding extra info to an image file
Adding additional info to an image using C#
I was always wondering where are additional properties for the image stored. Simply, when you click right click on the image in Windows and go to properties, in tab Details there are some more info than just file size and image dimensions. ... read more
Use GitHub for hosting JS and CSS files
How to use your CSS and JS files direcly from GitHub
Recently I've started JQuery plugin project on GitHub and decided to provide examples via JSFiddler. I could easily take latest files and host it on the same host as this blog but that would make a headache for me as I would have to update files on my host as soon as I update file in GitHub. So I googled a little bit and found a solution... read more