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Google Service Account authentication in .NET
Authenticate app with service account for working with Google services
In case you are a .NET developer and you are using Google Cloud platform, eventually your apps or services will have to interact with Google Cloud (GCE) services. Good thing is that complete GCE is exposed through REST API... read more
Working with GoogleMaps in jQuery style
jQuery plugin for GoogleMaps
I've used GoogleMaps on several web projects and it seemed to me that I'm repeating a lot of code used in the previous projects which lead me to write a common Javascript library to help me easily reuse the code by only copying the JavaScript library to a project or referencing it from CDN. I could not think of a better way to build this library than to use jQuery and build a pligin for this. ... read more
Obtaining access token from Google+ API in non SPA web application
How to get access token in C# backend from Google+ API
Recently I was trying to use Google+ OAuth api for authenticating with Google+ and fetch some user basic info such as name and email. ... read more
Using GoogleMaps Directions API to get accurate distance
Example of using GoogleMaps Directions API for calculating the distance
In situations where distance between two geo coordinates needs to be found most of the people are using mathematical function to do this. However there is a major disadvantage in using this method... read more
Optimized usage of GoogleMaps API
Referencing GoogleMap API safely on your page
GoogleMaps are very useful to show location on your page. It is not a big problem if you have only one map, but in some cases you might have to add few maps on the page. As many maps you want to display you only need to reference API once... read more
Serving embedded resources through WebAPI in Umbraco
Make package deployment easy with single file deployment
Recently I've deploying GoogleMap Editor package to Umbraco community. During development I realized that package will have to include script, some html templates, images... I had no problem with that but when it came to actual package build I realized that I will have to deal with bunch of files and even during development, so se some changes which were not dll related I had to restart app by touching web.config. ... read more
Google had changed their policy for fetching profile image New way to fetch google+ profile image
Google have recently decided to change the way you can fetch profile image. Good old building of image URL is not supported anymore after Google has applied security policy. In good old, but unfortunately deprecated approach you only needed profile id to build a URL for fetching Google+ profile image like the following: ... read more
Easy data visualization with Google Graphs API
Free and easy way to display data on website
Google graph are really easy to use on website for the main reason that you do not need to maintain code and because it is free for use. Samples and documentation can be found at https://developers.google.com/chart/... read more