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Getting cropped image the smart way
The way to get cropped image URL with option to load original image too
I noticed that some of the content managers keep complaining about the quality and size of cropped images. If you lower down quality, file is smaller but in some cases it gets blurry with quirks which comes from compression applied to a file. Let's face it, image cropper is not Photoshop with all options for image optimization... read more
Fetching image cropper cropped file path
IPublished content extension for getting crop image file easily
ImageCropper datatype was once part of uComponents, but because it is so usefull, it is now included into standard Umbraco instalation. However as much it is useful, I could not find the way to get cropped image file properly with anything that was shipped with Umbraco installation. Therefore I decided to write my own extension and to make life easier while working with ImageCropper in Umbraco. ... read more
Image Cropper Auto Create
Auto generate cropped images after image upload
It probably happend you often that you need to add image cropper to a page or custom media type. Right after you upload image cropper property does not generate cropped image file. You would have to save the page/media once againg, so that image cropper is initialized and cropped files are generated. ... read more