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Disabling browser UI effects from CSS
Removing browser added effects on the form elements in HTML
New version of browsers are bringing a lots of useful features, but among them there are some features that can actually ruin your UI concept. The following are just some of the most common ones and instructions how to disable them. Disable textarea rezise ... read more
Goodbye JQuery color-picker plugins
Color picker input in HTML5
A lot of browser these days support HTML file but not all of them in the same percentage. There are really cool stuff in there which makes developers and designers life a lot easier... read more
JQuery .onchange issue in IE8
Solution for onchange event in old Internet Explorer versions
Apparently IE8 and older versions of IE browsers do not support JQuery onchange event for checkboxes and radio buttons. If you are using this for handling this event, your script will fail, because these events will not be fired on IE8 or older IE. Instead of this you can add handler for onclick event which works fine in pretty much any browser. ... read more