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Easy collection comparing in C#
Copmare collections in C# the easy way
Collections are part of pretty much any application and they are convenient to store any type of data. Introducing LINQ in .NET things got a lot easier as your code does not need to be full with loops for performing simple operations on collections of any type... read more
Generating HTML structure string in C#
Clean and proper way to generate html string in C#
String hardcoding it the worst way to generate your HTML. It makes code non-maintainable and hard to read. Lately in June I wrote an article how to generate HTML string without hard coding the string and using concatenation or string format... read more
Optimizing LINQ expressions with anonymous types and methods
Advanced LINQ techniques
When LINQ was announced in .NET framework 3.5 I was a bit skeptic because it look a bit odd to me on the first look. Writing queries in C#, just did not look right to me. Anyway, not all the things introduced in .NET had long life... read more
Enumerable Tips & Tricks with String and Int
Useful things to do with Enumerable in a single line
System.Linq.Enumerable is a core of LINQ magic. Most of the functions we use in a daily basis for anything we write with sequence, but what is really interesting is that methods from this class can be used for some tricky operations on strings and numbers and make them one line instead of loops. ... read more