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CSS Media Queries instead of JavaScript code
Using CSS Media Queries instead of JavaScript or JQuery code
Before CSS3 coming out, if you needed to change the layout programatically when window size is changed you would have to write a small JavaScript or JQuery to handle window resize event and perform some action on the DOM to addapt your layout. In case you would use JQuery (which is most of the cases as I do not remember last time I wrotw plain JavaScript code) you would have to hook to window resize event and handle every resize. Based on your condition you would apply some CSS to specific element or strip style from it. ... read more
Adding extra info to an image file
Adding additional info to an image using C#
I was always wondering where are additional properties for the image stored. Simply, when you click right click on the image in Windows and go to properties, in tab Details there are some more info than just file size and image dimensions. ... read more
Optimized media serving in Umbraco by creating media CDN
Reduce bandwidth with serving from one domain
Let's say you have multiple websites with different domains in one Umbraco instance. All websites will use the same media, but the catch is how will it serve them. For example the same image will be served to a browser with two different paths like the following: ... read more
Upload multiple custom media types
Enable multiple custom media upload
You probably often had to add some additional ptoperties to a media type. It is all fine untill you have to keep native media type and create inherited one with additional properties. Everything is fine untill you try to do drag and drop upload of mutiple files... read more
Image Cropper Auto Create
Auto generate cropped images after image upload
It probably happend you often that you need to add image cropper to a page or custom media type. Right after you upload image cropper property does not generate cropped image file. You would have to save the page/media once againg, so that image cropper is initialized and cropped files are generated. ... read more