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MSMQ JSON message formatter
Use JSON to serialize and deserialize message queue messages
Storing objects in the message queue (MSMQ) is based on the serialization of the object instance using some of the serializes, basically any class the implements IMessageFormatter. Most commonly used ones are BinaryMessageFormatter and XmlMessageFormatter. I prefer XmlMessageFormatter over BinaryMessageFormatter, mostly because messages are stored in a readable format inside the queue, so in case something goes wrong you can direly check the content of the message using built Computer Management MMC (Microsoft management console) in the. ... read more
Dealing with duplicate rows in SQL Server
Finding and cleaning up duplicate rows in SQL Server tables
In case your data in tables needs to have unique constraint based on more than one value in the row, the proper solution for that would be a composite key. ... read more
Microsoft Live Writer & Umbraco
Using Live Writer to produce website content in Umbraco
I was always vondering what is Content Channel tab in uses properties section used for. What ever I set in that tab for my admin user, nothing happends... read more