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Non blocking writing to console in C#
Write message to console without blocking current thread
The fast and most commonly used method to debug code is for sure using console applications. Since main operations are reading input and writing output, it does not take much to set it up and start debugging your code. One more reason for using console application is to test the performance... read more
Parallel infinite loop in C#
Using Parallel for infinite loop in C#
In .NET framework 4.5 Task Parallel Library of TPL is introduced. It is the same thing as Threading but in additional layer of abstraction... read more
Fast image search in .NET using C#
Searching images on the file system with C#
Searching files on the file system is pretty easy using System.IO namespace classes. The problem is if you need to youery file system with some things which are related to a file, but not related to file system itself... read more