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Short URL implementation with WebAPI
Simple URL shortening web service implementd with WebAPI
Today there are multiple URL shortening solution available online for free. However, there is always need to have some existing funtionalities in the house for various reasons. This functionality can be easily achieved with different approaches... read more
Authentication via headers
Simple Web API authentication using request headers
Authentication in web services is a bit more different than with web pages because of one simple reason. There is no UI for entering credentials to authenticate to consume service... read more
Serving embedded resources through WebAPI in Umbraco
Make package deployment easy with single file deployment
Recently I've deploying GoogleMap Editor package to Umbraco community. During development I realized that package will have to include script, some html templates, images... I had no problem with that but when it came to actual package build I realized that I will have to deal with bunch of files and even during development, so se some changes which were not dll related I had to restart app by touching web.config. ... read more
Forcing accept type for WebApi call
Setting accept type on the server side for the WebApi request
One of the coolest things of WebApi is that adapts to accept type sent in request header. This header value depends on a client. Based on this WebApi will serve different formats of data (XML/JSON). ... read more
Exposing richtext property from content in Umbraco Web Api
Problem when exposing richtext property from Umbraco through Web Api
Almost every content page in your website will have one richtext property for adding rich content for the page. This allows you to add Macros so you can render dynamic content inside page content at custom places in the page itself. ... read more