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QR code MVC html helper
Display runtime generated QR code in MVC page
This article is based on one of my previous topic Advanced Base64 image extension in ASP.NET MVC. It uses the same concept to display image on the page and to cache it, but it involves QR code bitmap generation which is basically a NuGet package use. Basically, QR code is generated using NuGet package QRCoder https://www.nuget.org/packages/QRCoder/ and result Bitmap is serialized to base64 string and cached so we do not regenerate same QR bitmap over and over on every request which may lead to server overload. ... read more
Check whether you are getting cached content in MVC website
The ways to check whether you are viewing cached or most recent content
It happens from time to time that you publish some content from back-end, but on the website you still see the old content. Reasons for this may be different: ... read more