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Create XML/HTML with T-SQL
Generating XML/HTML output in SQL Server
Sending email from SQL is not a difficult to achieve, but generating rich HTML content might be. SQL Server itself is not built as a text processor, first approach would be to build HTML by simple concatenating the string elements. This approach will work, but over time it will become more and more difficult to maintain especially if you need to add layout elements over time. ... read more
SqlBulkCopy with model classes in C#
Use SqlBulkCopy with model (POCO) classes in C#
So far (based on my experience) the fastest way to insert big number of records from application to database is to use SqlBulkCopy. The downsize of this is that SqlBulkCopy uses DataTable instace as an input parameter which is not so convenient when dealing with models which are strongly typed and a lot more easy to use than iterating through the DataTable... read more
IP address to octets split in TSQL
Split IP addresse into octets in SQL Server
In case you need to handle IP addresses in SQL, they are not much useful as string values. To do anything with them rather then just storing and retrieving (checking the ranges for example) you need to split IP address to segments (octets). The following is modified method I run into online. ... read more
Getting first and last second of the current year, month and day
Using minimum and maximum date time in SQL query
Probably the most common error developers make in queries is dealing with date ranges and most of the time it is because of missing the minimum and maximum time of the specific date. Month ... read more
Dealing with duplicate rows in SQL Server
Finding and cleaning up duplicate rows in SQL Server tables
In case your data in tables needs to have unique constraint based on more than one value in the row, the proper solution for that would be a composite key. ... read more
Reducing the number of Stored Procedures for the Application
Approach to reduce number of stored procedure for the application
Nowadays, in the years of ORM, barely anyone thinks about stored procedures, but they are still there and accessing and reading data with ADO and SqlDataReader ist still the fastest way. Stored procedures are validated, parsed and compiled in SQL server, so these steps are not required to be performed versus plaint text query (which is what entity framework generates for accessing data). ... read more
Super lightweight Data Access Layer returning models from ADO
Return strongly typed objects directly from stored procedure calls
Entity framework is an awesome tool for working with database in .net, but sometime you have to get back to old fashion ADO for the performances. The bad thing is that as soon as you get back to ADO, you have to deal with SqlDataReader, DataTable and DataSet classes... read more
Transform comma seperated string to rows in SQL Server
Use comma separated string in TSQL
Passing complex data to and from stored procedures has always been a tricky one. The most elegant way to pass values to a stored procedure is to use predefined data types in SQL Server... read more
Migrate stored procedures across databases
Copy stored procedure from one database to another with T-SQL
When working on an app you create all your stored procedures, functions, tables, view and other objects in a development database (or t least it should be like that). A small but annoying problem occurs when you have to migrate your stored procedures to test or production database. Imagine during development you had let's say 20 stored procedures... read more
Database Change Notifications in ASP.NET using WebSocket
Display database change on website in real-time
Database table changes are usually not displayed right away in an application, escecially if it is a web application. With HTML5 and Web API that is about to change... read more