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Generate sitemap.xml on the fly in Umbraco CMS
Simple sitemap.xml Umbraco handler
Sitemap.xml is important component of SEO which is responsible for indexing your website. Search engine robots are generating indexes of your website based on this file. Since content in Umbraco website is dynamic, it makes not so much sence to have static sitemap.xml file for indexing your content... read more
Accessing UmbracoHelper in HttpHandler request
Working with UmbracoHelper and IPublishedContent in HttpHandler
If you were planning to create sitemap.xml in Umbraco, you most probably were doing it with HttpHandler. This was fine until Umbraco version 6.2.2. If your website was running in lower version, most probably after update your HttpHandler were crashing since UmbracoContext.Current returns null. ... read more
Same page language switching in Umbraco
Land on the same page in different language in Umbraco using Relations
When we build multi-language website, we usually create two root elements which represent different language websites. To switch the language you just need to add a link to other root elements which represent other languages of the website. With this approach, when you switch language you will end up at homepage of the language regardless which page you were viewing. ... read more
Getting cropped image the smart way
The way to get cropped image URL with option to load original image too
I noticed that some of the content managers keep complaining about the quality and size of cropped images. If you lower down quality, file is smaller but in some cases it gets blurry with quirks which comes from compression applied to a file. Let's face it, image cropper is not Photoshop with all options for image optimization... read more
Fastest way to return JSON result from a controller
Resturn JSON in MVC controller action
Recently I had to develop a form on a page which loads secondary dropdown list items based on selection in a primary dropdown list. Because secondary list items are basically children elements of the one selected in primary I just had to run through all children and just return text-value pair object to JavaScript to populate secondary dropdown list. ... read more
Nesting Dictionary items to create lists
Storing and reading nested Dictionary items as lists in Umbraco using API
Recently I wrote an article about workaround for storing lists in Umbraco. I did some googling and Umbraco API exploring since then I found another solution for lists in Umbraco. This solution is relying to Umbraco Dictionary... read more
Dictionary lists in Umbraco
Out of the box solution for Dictionary lists in Umbraco
Umbraco implementation of localized values is based on Dictionary which is in settings section of Umbraco back-end. This works pretty fine in case you need to display only string values but does not work localized lists. For example you might want to have country list for your contact form on your website... read more
Best practice tips for large scale Umbraco websites
Experience based tips for building large and complex websites in Umbraco
Umbraco is a great CMS, it simple, easily extendible and most important it is free. However, it is not build for large scale websites, since presentation and back-end are on the same machine and all published content is stored in AppData/umbraco.config file. This is good because it can be easily cached and database read is reduced... read more
Aggregating RSS feeds from Umbraco content
Serving Umbraco website content in RSS format
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Umbraco stores it's published content in XML format, so exposing website data is really easy... read more
Serving embedded resources through WebAPI in Umbraco
Make package deployment easy with single file deployment
Recently I've deploying GoogleMap Editor package to Umbraco community. During development I realized that package will have to include script, some html templates, images... I had no problem with that but when it came to actual package build I realized that I will have to deal with bunch of files and even during development, so se some changes which were not dll related I had to restart app by touching web.config. ... read more