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Why is JsonRequestBehavior needed?
Understanding JSON data restriction over HTTP GET requests
You probably run to this exception when you tried to fetch JSON data over HTTP GET request. Now, first this is easy to bypass by simply adding JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet option to method which is retutning JSON data for GET request in a controller file... read more
Short URL implementation with WebAPI
Simple URL shortening web service implementd with WebAPI
Today there are multiple URL shortening solution available online for free. However, there is always need to have some existing funtionalities in the house for various reasons... read more
Advanced IP address filtering in MVC and WebApi
Restrict or allow specific IP addresses to access your WebApi or MVC
Last year I wrote an article about IP address filtering on MVC and WebApi Restrict Access to an MVC Action or Controller based on IP address. Over time the requirements for IP filtering in several web based application increased, so I had t work on this class to make it more extendible and reusable in different scenarios. The new scenarios I wanted to cover are: ... read more
Authentication via headers
Simple Web API authentication using request headers
Authentication in web services is a bit more different than with web pages because of one simple reason. There is no UI for entering credentials to authenticate to consume service... read more
Enabling CORS only for specific domains in ASP.NET
Enable cross origin resquests only for certain domains in ASP.NET
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) means that page from other domain can make request to some resource which is on other domain. For example, if you try to invoke some WEB API method which is running on different domain you will get exception in the script. By default CORS are disabled in ASP.NET bot you can easily enable them just by modifying web.config for IIS7 and newer versions pf IIS. ... read more
Single file deployment concept in ASP.NET with WebAPI
Deployment contained in single file using WebAPI
As much as this sound new to you, it actually isn't. If you worked on any Windows From application in .NET you had an option to embedded files in your form like images, icons and even sounds and videos. This made deployment a lot easier because you only have to deploy one .exe file. ... read more
Database Change Notifications in ASP.NET using WebSocket
Display database change on website in real-time
Database table changes are usually not displayed right away in an application, escecially if it is a web application. With HTML5 and Web API that is about to change... read more
Async file upload with MVC4
Uploading file asynchronously using JQuery and MVC4
Uploading files with form submit on web page, especially large file requires user to wait for browser until file is uploaded. This does not produce very nice user experience as user needs to wait without any notification for file to be uploaded... read more
Using WebSocket in MVC4
Real time data update with MVC4 and HTML5 features
Ajax is really cool. You can pull your data without refreshing the whole page, but increasing user experience and downsizing bandwidth for website. If you have some live data which is changing really often, the best way to display it on website is to use pulling mechanism... read more
Returning an image in Web API method with fallback result image
How to return an image in Web API method
Imagine the following scenario. You are building a social network like website and you need to create your own API to enable other developers to integrate with your web location really easy. One of the things that most popular social networks now provide in the API is providing profile image... read more