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Serialize html form to JSON without using JQuery
Transform user input from HTML form fields to JSON
jQuery makes things a lot easir when working with DOM. So many thing there out of the b and you do not need to worry about browsr compatibility. Browser compatibility used to be a big deal few years back, but not it all comes to almost one engine which is WebKit. ... read more
Enabling CORS only for specific domains in ASP.NET
Enable cross origin resquests only for certain domains in ASP.NET
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) means that page from other domain can make request to some resource which is on other domain. For example, if you try to invoke some WEB API method which is running on different domain you will get exception in the script. By default CORS are disabled in ASP.NET bot you can easily enable them just by modifying web.config for IIS7 and newer versions pf IIS. ... read more
Single file deployment concept in ASP.NET with WebAPI
Deployment contained in single file using WebAPI
As much as this sound new to you, it actually isn't. If you worked on any Windows From application in .NET you had an option to embedded files in your form like images, icons and even sounds and videos. This made deployment a loteasier because you only have to deploy one .exe file. ... read more
Extending WebForms Page class for registering stylesheet include
Extension method which enables registering stylesheet file reference
I recently started working on an Umbraco package for GoogleMap manipulation. Since initial version of package is planned only for Umbraco 6 I decided to use WebuserControl for creating a package custom datatype. It means that for one document type I might have multiple control instances on the page. ... read more
Handling ajax request in WebForms
Elegant way to do AJAX in WebForms
In case you want to add JQuery Ajax calls to your page, you would basically need to add one more page which will be invoked with Ajax call. In order to reduce number of physical pages you can reuse the same page, but make it act differently for normal GET/POST HTTP request and totally different for Ajax GET/POST HTTP request... read more