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Database Change Notifications in ASP.NET using WebSocket
Display database change on website in real-time
Database table changes are usually not displayed right away in an application, escecially if it is a web application. With HTML5 and Web API that is about to change... read more
Async file upload with MVC4
Uploading file asynchronously using JQuery and MVC4
Uploading files with form submit on web page, especially large file requires user to wait for browser until file is uploaded. This does not produce very nice user experience as user needs to wait without any notification for file to be uploaded... read more
Using WebSocket in MVC4
Real time data update with MVC4 and HTML5 features
Ajax is really cool. You can pull your data without refreshing the whole page, but increasing user experience and downsizing bandwidth for website. If you have some live data which is changing really often, the best way to display it on website is to use pulling mechanism... read more
Goodbye JQuery color-picker plugins
Color picker input in HTML5
A lot of browser these days support HTML file but not all of them in the same percentage. There are really cool stuff in there which makes developers and designers life a lot easier... read more
Returning an image in Web API method with fallback result image
How to return an image in Web API method
Imagine the following scenario. You are building a social network like website and you need to create your own API to enable other developers to integrate with your web location really easy. One of the things that most popular social networks now provide in the API is providing profile image... read more
Getting System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat from a string
Get ImageFormat based on file extension using Reflection
Images are part of pretty much any application especially web. Not so rarely they need to be protected or exposed from a different sources which cannot be accessed directly with just typing URL to it's actual location... read more
Request different data type from Web API with JQuery
XML/JSON in return result of Web API REST service method with JQuery
In my previous article Different data type in Web API response of the same method I described how to get different response with HttpWebRequest in C#. Here I will demonstrate how to achieve the same thing but in JQuery client side code. Since Web API reponds based on accept header value, we can set it in ajax request in JQuery. ... read more
Different data type in Web API response of the same method
Both XML and JSON in return result of Web API REST service method
Web API restful services are very flexible and they return different data format (JSON or XML) depending on accept type header value from your browser (or other client). However this is not always so precise so sometime you have to force return type... read more
Optimized usage of GoogleMaps API
Referencing GoogleMap API safely on your page
GoogleMaps are very useful to show location on your page. It is not a big problem if you have only one map, but in some cases you might have to add few maps on the page. As many maps you want to display you only need to reference API once... read more
Aggregating RSS feeds from Umbraco content
Serving Umbraco website content in RSS format
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Umbraco stores it's published content in XML format, so exposing website data is really easy... read more


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Getting cropped image the smart way
The way to get cropped image URL with option to load original image too
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