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Integrate TFS in Windows Explorer in Tortoise SVN style

Pt C Rgb Dk Vstfs2013 ThumbTo be honest I really like Tortoise SVN. It is so easy to work with it from the file system and it is so easy to commit your code changes to public repositories on GitHub.

Unfortunately, if you would like to keep your code somewhere safe in cloud and keep it private, for GitHub option you will not get it for free.

On the other hand, you can get free Team Foundation Server Online to keep your code safe and secure in cloud. For example, I publish my opensource free ideas to GitHub and share with the Internet community, but for example for this, my website/blog I'm not so comfortable to share it's custom backend logic with the broad public audience as it will compromise the website security.

For this case TFS online is a great option, but so far it was requireing to have some version of Visual Studio (at least express edition) to be able to connect to TFS online with your Windows Live account. That is the main reason why I kinda lost ointerest using TFS for my "playground" projects as I did not use Visual Studio for development all of them, escecially cient side components such as JQuery plugins. I rather used NetBeans or Notepad++.

TFS did not give me an option for commiting changes from the file system as it was not integrated into Windows Explorer.

Recently I discovered that are extension that are provided from Microsoft for free and can be integrated into Windows Explorer for manipulating TFS repositories.

Tfs WeSvn We

They can work side by side with Tortoise SVN which I have installed as well on my machine so I can easily now commit changes either to GitHub for my public repositories or to TFS Online to my private repositories.

You can find download link below in the reference links section for Team Foundation Server Power Tools 2012 for Visual Studio 2012.



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