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Use PowerShell to install SSL certificate on IIS
Importing PFX SSL certificate to IIS with PowerShell script
Since Google announced HTTPS as ranking signal most of the websites now days are switching to secured communication via SSL certificates. Even I switched my website to HTTPS secured connection to follow up with this new trend... read more
Exporting SSL certificate to PFX format for using on IIS or Azure
Getting SSL certificate PFX format for IIS or Azure WebApp using OpenSSL
Hether your website requires SSL secured connection through HTTPS or not, it is even recommended by Google to use SSL for your website. Starting from 2005 Google page ranking takes into consideration whether your page has SSL certificate installed and serer content thorough HTTPS... read more
Bypass SSL certificate validation
A workaround quick solution when your SSL certificate expires
If you try to make a WebRequest to a server over https, you might run into the following exception. ... read more


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Umbraco CMS

Same page language switching in Umbraco
Land on the same page in different language in Umbraco using Relations
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