An Ultimate GoogleMap Editor for Umbraco 6

An Ultimate GoogleMap Editor for Umbraco 6

Unleash the full power of GoogleMaps API in your Umbraco 6 Website.

The package is using advanced options of Google Maps API for generating your map data, store it and make it easy to retrieve with builted in C# models.

It enables you not just simple adding of pins but:

  • Customize editor default values
  • Fine tuning of the editor itself
  • Easy to read stored values within a Razor template
  • Customize pin icon
  • Add and edit polygons
  • Add and edit circles
  • Add and edit rectangles
  • Add and edit lines
  • Drag/drop for every type of shape on the map
  • Assign rich-text messages with builded in tinyMce

Customize and fine tunning of the editor

This package allows you to adjust editor to your project needs with advanced settings. You can define multiple DataTypes with different editor settings for specific DocumentType and Properties.

The package comes with classes for casting a map state to an object model. It even has an extension to make your life easier so you can get a map state model instance by invoking a single extension method on a IPublishedContent object.

Easy to read stored values within a Razor template

The following are options to read value within a Razor view of the map editor datatype:

@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoTemplatePage
@using Umbraco.GoogleMaps.Extensions;
@using Umbraco.GoogleMaps.Models;
    Layout = null;

    MapState mapObject;

    //Using extension method
    mapObject = Model.Content.GetPropertyValueAsMapState("mapPropety");

    //Using static method on MapState model class itself and safe string read extension GetPropertyValueAsString
    mapObject = MapState.Deserialize(Model.Content.GetPropertyValueAsString("mapProperty"));

    //Using static method on MapState model class itself with inline condition
    mapObject = MapState.Deserialize(Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("mapProperty") != null ? Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("mapProperty").ToString() : string.Empty);

    //Conditioned value reading and casting, the school example :)
    if (Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("mapProperty") != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("mapProperty").ToString()))
        mapObject = MapState.Deserialize(Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("mapProperty").ToString());

Customize location pins

Data type enables you to change icon of added pin. All pin icons are stored under /Umbraco/Images/MapPins folder. To extend list of available pins, just copy your custom 32x32 map pin images. No need for app restart or config file changes.


It is recommended to use 32x32 images for the ping since package is tested with these icon sizes.

Add and edit polygons

The package enables you to add and customize custom shaped polygons, circles and rectangles for areas you want to mark on the map. You can even mark the route or a route section with custom shaped polyline object.

More about how to use this package you can find in the following documents:

If you are willing to contribute to documentation you can edit original Wrod documents which are in repository

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